Treasure Cove Metal Detector Review 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

The Treasure Cove Metal Detector is a specialized device for underground metal detection before excavation. It is expertly designed to allow users to adjust sensitivity, enabling them to ignore specific metals or focus solely on one.

This detector is equipped with the capability to pinpoint the precise location of a detected metal. The auto ground balance feature ensures ease of use and accurate detection, preventing false signals, especially in areas with high levels of saltwater or minerals.

In addition to its advanced features, the Treasure Cove Metal Detector comes with a comprehensive kit. Users have the flexibility to choose between built-in speakers or external headphones for enhanced audio alerts.

Treasure Cove Metal Detector Review/ 5 Major features

1. Adjustable sensitivity

Using a metal detector has never been easier. It is very convenient with its outstanding function of adjusting the sensitivity. Treasure cove metal detector allows you to ignore some metals or target only specific metals.

For instance, you can ignore all metals except zinc and copper, detect all metals except the junk ones or detect all the metals. This will saves you the hustle of digging with excitement only to find that it is a metal that you are not interested in.

As earlier mentioned, the Treasure cove metal detector detects the exact location of the metal. This saves you time and energy since there is no guessing.

2. LED display and Waterproof search coil

Finding metals on when it is sunny and dry is indeed very limiting. However, the Treasure cove metal detector has a waterproof coil.  This will enable you to find metals in shallow waters and muddy areas.

It also has a light-emitting diode (LED) display. Essentially, this feature enables you to know the type and composition of the metal detected. It also shows the depth of the metal.

3. Auto ground balance

Apart from minerals, there are so many things underground, including water and minerals. These, especially salty water, cause false signals. Metal detectors without this feature are understandably very disappointing.

This is because now and then, you will keep digging only to find that there was no metal. With Treasure cove metal detector, however, you are sure that every signal means the precise metal or metals that you are looking for.

Treasure Cove Metal Detector is a machine that enables you to do some metal detecting in an underground way before you start digging.

4. Complete detecting kit

Treasure cove metal detector is an all-in-one sensor and can most assuredly be described as perfect.  As earlier mentioned, it has a LED display. Moreover, when you are not looking at the screen, it has audio feedback through speakers.

It has different tones for different metals, a feature that is so paramount, especially when you are finding the metal in a noisy place.

It also has a carry bag is made of a hardened material that holds sand when it is scooped. The sand is then drained away, leaving the metal behind.

5. Easy to operate and portable

As seen in the above features, it is evident that the Treasure cove metal detector is elementary to use. The controls are straightforward and do not require any tools nor expertise.

Its supporting handle is adjustable, making it comfortable for persons of all heights. It is lightweight. This, however, does not compromise its ability to detect metal. It adds to its portability and ease of operation.

Why Should You Use Treasure Cove Metal Detector?

1. Three Audio Tones

This metal detector is made with three audio tones that generally alert you on the type of metal you are hunting for. It alerts you with the medium sound the moment it detects copper or gold. The high alerts of the tone generally signify the detection of silver or brass metals.

2. Durable metal detector

Treasure cove metal detector has a great ability to hold up to frequent use. It can be used for a long time and lasts for an extended period. It is made of solid materials, and most of its parts are adjustable.

3. Affordable

The market is heavily flooded with metal detectors that are costly but do not offer quality services as promised. The treasure cove metal detector is a machine that can hold up and gives quality services, and it is not that expensive.

4. Comfortable to use

This is a device with the highest strength. It is made of robust features that make it convenient and can hunt metals for long hours. It is well designed for both individuals who are righties or lefties.

So no matter the type of hand you use, you can comfortably use the device to detect metals. It is also portable and lightweight, so it is not easy to get tired when using it.

5. Hunt in water and mud

The metal detector is waterproof. Therefore it has great abilities in hunting metals in water or mud. With this device, you can hunt in a lot of locations. Whether you are trying to look in swamp, saltwater, this metal detector has a coil that will never get damaged easily.

Product Benefits

  • Very comfortable and compact
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Ability to hunt in water or mud
  • Three audio tones for different types of metal alerts
  • Target mode to pinpoint the exact location of the metal
  • Comes with a complete detecting kit
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • LED display for better identification
  • The notch discrimination to eliminate junk metals from the detector’s range
  • Great for beginners

The Negative Things

  • False signal
  • Sometimes it fails to detect the right metal


Can you plug in the headphones to the metal detector?


Can a four-year-old kid use it?

It is mostly recommended for kids who are above age 13.

How deep can this Treasure Cove detector detect?

Approximately 2 feet deep.

Can it detect in ocean waves?


How massive is this Treasure Cove metal detector?

It is not heavy at all.

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Final Verdict

To crown it all, the Treasure Cove metal detector has a 10-year warranty. This is 100% assurance that the sensor is durable and of high quality.

Whether detecting metals is a hobby or it’s what you do, the value of your money is well accounted for. The detector is also affordable and has all the features that you need to detect metals without straining.

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