Best Metal Detectors for Gold In 2024 – Top 10 Picks

Probably you are here because you are searching for a list with the top 10 best metal detectors for gold in 2024; if so, please take five minutes of your time reading this article.

In our day-to-day life, technology has taken up most of the fields. The field of metal detecting is not an exception either. There are a wide variety of metal detectors in the market today.

In an actual sense, the market is flooded. The metal detectors have come with excellent performance and capabilities. These detectors can detect different types of metals. But most people like hunting for gold.

You can also use these metal detectors to search for coins, jewelry, relics, and many more.

Hunting of gold has remained just but a dream. More than 95% of metal detectors have never found gold. Most people believe that finding it is more of luck than skill.

However, with the best metal detector for gold in 2024, you will have the best ground-penetrating response for gold.

There are many brands of metal detectors that can detect gold, but we shall help you find a few of them that work best in most cases.

These metal detectors must be perfect with excellent features, as we shall discuss later in the article.

Top 10 Metal Detectors for Gold 2024 – Reviews and Comparisons:

PictureName  Price
Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector reviewFisher gold bug pro metal detectorBrand: Fisher
Dimension: 10.2 x 6.2 x 28.5 Inches
Weight: 2.5 Pounds
Color: Black
Item model number: GOLDBUG-PRO
Garrett 1140680Brand: Garrett
Dimension: 21.5 x 14.2 x 6 Inches
Weight: 14.1 Ounces
Item model number: 1140680
Color: Multi
Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQBrand: Tesoro
Dimension: 21.5 x 8.7 x 4.8 Inches
Weight: 4.45 Pounds
Item model number: Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Metal Detector
Frequency: 17.5 kHz
Search Coil Type: Elliptical Widescan
Minelab GOLD MONSTER 1000Brand: Minelab
Dimension: 23.6 x 5.1 x 9.8 Inches
Weight: 0.64 Ounces
Frequency: Extra sensitive 45 kHz
Features: 2 search coils included
Garrett ATXBrand: ATX Pulse Induction Metal Detector
Dimension: 23.2 x 17.4 x 5.9 Inches
Weight: 14.6 Pounds
Item model number: 1140860
Search Coil: ATX with 12″ DD coil
Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Nugget Metal DetectorBrand: Minelab
Dimension: 32.5 x 14.5 x 7 Inches
Weight: 4.19 Pounds
Search Coil: 40% Deeper Gold Depth
Features: Wireless Audio Freedom
Minelab EQUINOX 800Brand: Minelab
Dimension: 26.2 x 12.2 x 5 Inches
Weight: 7.6 Pounds
Frequency: 20/40 kHz
Search coil: EQX 11 Inch smart coil
Teknetics T2 Classic Metal DetectorBrand: Teknetics
Dimension: 25.2 x 16 x Inches
Weight: 6.65 Pounds
Item model number: B01C36TEVY
Search Coil: 11″ Bi-Axial Search Coil
XP DEUS Metal DetectorBrand: XP Metal Detector
Dimension: 24.6 x 12 x 4.2 Inches
Weight: 5.35 Pounds
Item model number: DEUS28RCWS5
Frequency: 23.5- 27.7kHz
Tesoro Silver uMax Metal DetectorBrand: Tesoro
Dimension: 21.3 x 8.8 x 4.7 Inches
Weight: 3.25 Pounds
Frequency: VLF 10 kHz Frequency
Item model number: Silver uMax

How to Find Gold with a Metal Detector?

In recent days, technology has been moving dramatically. The metal detecting field is not an exception either. It is endlessly evolving.

With the new metal detectors that have been designed with expertise and a bit of skill and consideration, gold detection will become a reality.

So many questions rotate around finding gold during metal hunting. This include:

  • Which detector should I use? Is the type of metal detector of the essence?
  • How deep should I go to find gold?
  • What should be the size of the search coil?

You will have all your questions answered by the end of this, and you will be ready for a successful gold search.

1st Step

The first thing to do is to start by choosing the right metal detector. Factually, the market today is flooded with a lot of metal detectors that have different features. This has decided on which metal detector to purchase so difficultly.

Metal detectors are a bit expensive. Consequently, deciding which metal detector you should purchase is not one that you should make haphazardly. If you aim for gold, get a metal detector designed with skill specifically for gold detection.

2nd Step

Concentric versus full scan coils. If you are living in a forested area, the concentric scan coils are absolutely the best. This is due to their ability to scan deep. They scan as deep as 3 feet.

Nevertheless, if you live in a mountainous area or near streams, the chances are that erosion has brought the gold nuggets near the surface of the earth. In this case, full scan coils are the best since they scan a vast area with ease.

3rd Step

Choose between the VLF or PI technology. Once again, this depends on the area from which you want to search for gold from.  If the area you live in has large deposits of gold, then a metal detector with PI technology will work best.

The metal detector excellently finds significant deposits of gold. On the other hand, you will hardly hunt for the small nuggets.

Contrariwise, a metal detector with VLF technology is very efficient in finding small-sized pieces of gold. It is susceptible to the little bits of gold. However, this detector may, as a result, detect different minerals that you are not interested in.

4th Step

In this stage, it is essential to do the ground balancing. A metal detector with an automatic ground balancing function will require less adjusting to block the false signals that may result from underground salty water and minerals.

However, a detector that offers manual ground balance is equally good. In a real sense, it is just a matter of time, and you will get used to it completely. The baseline is to have a detector with the ground feature to ensure that minerals are not detected.

5th Step

Most sensors will discover all the metals. The discrimination mode is, for that reason, very crucial. This feature will allow you to search for gold specifically. A metal detector that lacks discrimination mode will, in return, waste a lot of time and energy attending to metals that you are not interested in.

Also, remember that pulse induction detectors do not filter out unwanted metals.

Our Picks of Top 10 Best Metal Detectors for Gold 2024 Review:

1. Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector

Fisher Gold Bug Pro Metal Detector review

Fisher gold bug pro metal detector is a detector designed to detect treasures in adverse weather conditions accurately.

The multifunctional metal detector is elementary to use.  It has straightforward controls. The sensor also has audio devices that ensure you will undoubtedly not miss a signal. The tones for the various search modes are customizable.

Besides, it has two headphone jacks that make it more audible. This allows you to search for treasures in noisy places without missing them. The 5-inch search coil improves the sensitivity of the detector.

The ground phase values identify the type of mineral. The detector has an instant static pinpoint which gives the exact location of the metal detected. It also has a depth indicator that offers the depth of the exposed metal.

To crown it all, the Fisher gold bug pro metal detector has a very detailed instruction manual that gives you a straightforward time when using it. It is therefore very appropriate but not limited to beginners.

Features of Fisher gold bug pro metal detector:

  • 5-inch search coil
  • Audio devices
  • Threshold and gain control
  • Dual headphone jack
  • Instant static pinpoint with depth indicator
  • Ultra-simple user interphase
  • Ground phase value
  • Detailed instructional manual
  • 9-volt battery included
  • Lightweight and compact

2. Garrett 1140680 metal detector

Garrett 1140680 metal detector

This is a metal detector with great prospecting tools and is cost-friendly compared to most of the competitors. The metal detector is designed with the expertise to ensure that you will never get false signals at any particular moment.

This is due to the computerized ground balance, a very outstanding parameter that blocks all the false signals ensuring that you will never dig with excitement only to find nothing.

The frustration-free metal detector has discrimination and all meta mode. This allows you to ignore some metals while detecting the rest. The sensor, as a result, ensures that you do not dig only to find a metal that you are not interested in.

The pinpointing function allows you to get the precise location of the metal without errors or approximation. Garrett 1140680 is not limited by weather. It can search for minerals in harsh weather conditions.

Also, it has a standard waterproof search coil that can hunt metals even in shallow waters with very exclusive accuracy. It is lightweight and comes with a 5-year warranty which is a mark of quality.

Features of Garrett 1140680:

  • Discrimination account
  • All metal mode
  • Depth indicator
  • Pinpointing function
  • Computerized ground grab
  • Signal strength indicator
  • Two-tone audio
  • 5-year warranty
  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Standard waterproof search coil
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use

3. Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ

Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ gold detector review

Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ is a quality, durable metal detector that is very accurate and has very high performance. The sensor has a computerized ground tracking system with three self-adjusting ground tracking modes.

This implies that in whichever soil you are searching in, the metal detector will adjust itself to eliminate all minerals making it easier to find gold. False signals are consequently a problem that you will never have to solve whatsoever.

The frustration-free metal detector also has the pinpointing function, which allows you to find the precise location of the detected treasure. This is backed up by discrimination circuitry, which gives the metal type way before you begin to dig.

The instant was pinpointing, and discrimination circuitry ensures that you get only the metal you want and in its exact location. No more approximation!

The elliptical wide scan interchangeable standard search coil improves its sensitivity, ensuring that you will not miss a metal. It is highly portable and has a very long battery life (20-30 hours). To crown it all, Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ has a lifetime warranty.

Features of Tesoro Lobo Super TRAQ:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Long life battery
  • Elliptical wide scan search coil
  • Discrimination modes
  • 3 ground tracking modes
  • Interchangeable waterproof search coils
  • Pinpointing function
  • Ultra-smooth operation in extreme areas

4. Minelab GOLD MONSTER 1000 metal detector

Minelab GOLD MONSTER 1000 metal detector

This is a premium metal detector in which sensitivity, speed, and accuracy have been achieved. The high-performance metal detector has outstanding features that make it stand out in the market today.

The detector has been to no small extent, solved the conflict between frequency and sensitivity. As the word suggests, the indicator is very sensitive to gold. It is sensitive to tiny pieces of gold that are in very great depths.

While some metal detectors are limited to the weather, GOLD MONSTER 1000 has a waterproof search coil and a rain-resistant control box. This means that you will not worry anymore about the weather in your free search.

It is also lightweight and compact, which complements its portability. The versatile metal detector is elementary to use with fully automatic operation. It has a faster processor, which adds to its very high performance.

It has discrimination modes that allow you to discriminate the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This key feature makes the detector very efficient in salty water regardless of its frequency, making it far better than its competitors.

Features of GOLD MONSTER 1000:

  • Ultra-sensitivity
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Adjustable volume
  • Faster processor
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Rainproof control box
  • High performance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Decent warranty
  • Audio devices with Automatic noise cancel
  • Discrimination modes

5. Garrett ATX metal detector

Garrett ATX metal detector for gold review

The Garrett ATX metal detector is a very durable metal detector built to withstand very harsh weather conditions. Its performance ranks highest with features like those of the most expensive, luxurious, and prospective metal detectors.

All these features are put together at an amicable price. The reliable detector is very well known for its very accurate and fast detection that is never disappointing. While most competitors use discrimination modes to boost accuracy, this detector has maximum exposure on all treasures all the time.

You have 100 percent assurance of by no means missing any metal. This detector will never improve sensitivity on small gold treasures as a sacrifice of the larger pieces.

The advanced auto ground balance ensures that the detector blocks all the false signals that may result from minerals and underground salty water.

Instant electronic pinpointing allows you to get the exact location of metal. You will not have to approximate anymore. This detector is elementary to use and comes with an adjustable ergonomic stem, taking care of your back.

The ultimate gold detector is a durable mil-spec design and has a superior ability to search for metals despite extreme soil conditions and terrains. It also searches for treasures even in depth up to 3 feet. It has a decent warranty that warranties quality.

Feature of Garrett ATX:

  • Durability
  • High quality
  • Adjustable discrimination
  • Headphones
  • Light weight and compact
  • Decent warranty
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Electronic pinpointing
  • 3-meter submersion depth
  • Adjustable stem
  • Accurate detection
  • Ergonomic
  • Easy to use

6. Minelab GPZ 7000 gold nugget metal detector

Minelab GPZ 7000 Gold Nugget Metal Detector review

Minelab GPZ 7000 gold nugget metal detector has extreme depth capability. It is also susceptible to gold which ensures that you will certainly not miss it. This is supplemented by the zero voltage transmission, which increases its ability to detect gold in profound depths.

The great depth, however, does not compromise its maximum sensitivity. The metal finder has a waterproof search coil that allows you to search for gold in shallow waters.

The vast depths of the gold metal finder allow you to record your hotspots. This is a significant feature taking into consideration that gold is found in specific locations. Most gold is buried in highly mineralized and very harsh soil conditions.

For this reason, the metal detector has a precision ground balance which makes it maintain its high capability in finding gold even in adverse ground conditions.

Features of Minelab GPZ 7000 gold nugget metal detector:

  • Extreme depth capability
  • Maximum gold sensitivity
  • Wireless audio feedback
  • Weatherproof
  • Precision ground balance
  • Waterproof search coil
  • Noise cancel channels
  • GPS locating
  • Premium performance
  • Zero voltage transmission
  • Audio discrimination
  • Lightweight and compact

7. Minelab EQUINOX 800 metal detector

Minelab EQUINOX 800 review

This is a versatile metal detector in which performance, sensitivity quality, and accuracy have been achieved. The sensor is very accurate, and unlike its competitors, it has eight customizable search profiles! This allows you to save your settings in the various modes. Additionally, it has a gold detection mode.

Minelab EQUINOX 800 metal detector is software upgradable, which maintains its efficiency.  The metal detector has a very high recovery speed which ensures that you quickly recover treasures from trash. It is also sleek and lightweight, which adds to its portability.

To crown it all, Minelab EQUINOX 800 metal detector is fully waterproof. It, therefore, allows you to search for the treasures in the water when immersed up to a depth of 10 feet.

Features of Minelab EQUINOX 800:

  • Software upgradable
  • Multi-frequency technology
  • Wireless headphones
  • 8 customizable search profiles
  • User manual
  • Accurate target ID
  • Premium performance
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Advanced settings
  • Fully waterproof
  • Gold detecting mode
  • Versatility and speed

8. Teknetics T2 classic metal detector

Teknetics T2 classic metal detector review

Essentially, this is a metal detector known for its high performance and advanced electronic technology.  The sensor has vital parameters that make it the most cost-effective sensor with such features in the market today.

The high-performance metal detector is highly sensitive. This is as a result of its standard waterproof search coil. The waterproof search coil also ensures that you are not limited to sunny weather.

This also allows you to search for treasures in shallow waters. The pinpointing function gives the exact location of the detected metal. This will ensure that you dot waste time on approximation.

The metal detector has high separation capability, which ensures that you can search for specific metals. Ground balance blocks all the false signals that may result from minerals and underground salty water. XP DEUS metal detector is lightweight and compact, which supplements its portability.

Features of Teknetics T2 classic metal detector:

  • Waterproof search coil
  • High separation capability
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight and compact
  • High performance
  • High sensitivity
  • Budget-friendly
  • Advanced electronic technology
  • Pinpointing function
  • Ground balance

9. XP DEUS metal detector

XP DEUS metal detector review

XP DEUS metal detector is a metal detector designed with expertise and very high capabilities. This high-performing metal detector is effortlessly upgraded using the internet on your personal computer with very high technology.

The detector has a ground balance which ensures that the metal detector does not detect minerals resulting in false signals. It also has a standard fully waterproof coil, which increases its sensitivity and allows you to search for metals in shallow waters.

The metal detector has an audio response with adjustable volume to ensure that you do not miss any signal. The lightweight headphones that are wireless complements the audio devices.

The discrimination mode allows you to search for specific metals while ignoring some. This ensures that you will never dig with excitement only to find a metal you are not interested in.

XP DEUS metal detector is very durable and is designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. It is weatherproof.

This implies that you will never be limited to searching for metals in favorable weather. It is lightweight and compact, adding to its portability. The versatile metal detector has a five-year warranty.

Features of XP DEUS metal detector:

  • Wireless lightweight headphones
  • Portability
  • Discrimination mode
  • Ground balance
  • Audio response with Adjustable volume
  • Highly portable
  • Premium sensitivity
  • Target ID
  • Ergonomic stem
  • Long battery life
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Decent warranty
  • Fully waterproof coil

10. Tesoro Silver Umax Metal Detector

Tesoro Silver Umax Metal Detector review

Tesoro Silver Umax metal detector is a metal detector that is made with the skill to ensure that your metal hunting needs are all catered for. It has user-friendly interphase that makes it appropriate but not limited to beginners.

The metal detector uses microprocessor technology which is a genuine sense that makes it so outstanding in the market today. It has interchangeable 8-inch concentric search coils, which add to its sensitivity.

The discrimination mode allows you to discriminate against some metals while targeting a specific one. On the other hand, the all-metal mode makes the detector very sensitive to all types of metals.

Pinpointing technology gives the precise location of the detected treasure. This may be as deep as 9 inches. The ultra-sensitive metal detector with high capabilities has audio devices that will undoubtedly not miss a signal.

It is lightweight and compact, making it very convenient to work with due to its portability. It is also cost-friendly, which is not at the expense of its quality whatsoever.

Features of Tesoro silver Umax metal detector:

  • Low noise circuitry
  • Discrimination modes
  • All metal mode
  • Microprocessor technology
  • 8inch concentric search coil
  • Interchangeable coils
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Lifetime warranty
  • High performance
  • Ultra-sensitive
  • Audio output
  • Pinpointing technology
  • Affordable
  • Sensitive to great depths

Buying Guide – How To Choose the Best Metal Detector for Gold in 2024?

How To Choose the Best Metal Detector for Gold

Though the flooding market has positively influenced the prices of the detectors in the market, it has also made deciding on which metal detector to purchase a tough one and very difficult for beginners. However, we consider an essential question, what do you need?

1. Search for the best

Before purchasing a metal detector, it is necessary to determine how often you will use it. If it is for use only over the weekend or on special occasions, just a simple metal detector will work well.

On the other hand, if hunting metal is a necessary part of your life, you ought to get a great metal detector that will serve for a long time and has many features. It also has to be ergonomic.

With the type of users, you ought to consider who is using the metal detector. For instance, if the metal detector is to be used by a group of people, say friends or a family, it has to be adjustable to fit people of all heights without the struggle. This will accommodate even the children in the family or even a disabled person.

The location of use is a crucial factor that will leave you frustrated and unsatisfied if not considered while purchasing the metal detector.

If you intend to use your detector only on one type of soil, say on a beach only, then it is unnecessary to buy an expensive indicator that can be adjusted to suit different soil types. This, in return, will save you money.

The portability of the metal detector should be considered especially if you have to search for treasures in a place that is not passable by a car. The sensor should, in such a case, be compact and lightweight.

2. Upgrade the knowledge of detectors

With time, so many detectors with different parameters and capabilities are being discovered as the technology advances. One should, therefore, not buy a sensor out of being compelled by a friend or even the seller.

Before purchasing a metal detector, ensure that you are well informed about the metal detectors, their features, and even compared the different prices. The information about sensors is so much in the libraries and on the internet.

3. Desired metal type

When the detector is being used to detect only a single metal, there is no need to buy a sophisticated detector with various search modes. This would be even more costly.

However, in a situation where you want to detect all the metals or a specific group of minerals, a metal detector with discrimination modes and an all-metal model will suit you best.

For a very experienced person, purchasing a specialized detector that is simplified and basic is a waste of resources. Such metal detectors are costly.

However, for a beginner, a sophisticated metal detector may make the whole experience futile and very strenuous.

4. Make the budget

Metal detecting requires very specialized equipment. Consequently, the metal detectors are a bit expensive. The higher price, in turn, means more features, accuracy, and performance.

Mostly, cheaper metal detectors offer fewer features, accuracy, and performance. Nonetheless, this is not always the case. This is the reason why one should seek much information about detectors before purchasing.

Make your budget well after identifying the type of metal detector you want. Your budget should look into various factors like the brand of the metal detector, how long you will use it, what you are using it for, and many other factors.

Final Verdict

Metal detectors are seen as luxurious and very expensive. This, however, is not entirely undeniable. However, at a fair price, you can get a pretty performance metal detector that will satisfy you.

As we have seen above, many metal brands in the market can be used in detecting gold. Take your time and search for the best metal detector that will make your gold search mission successful.

If you keep hunting gold where there is not, it is evident that you will undoubtedly get none, even with skill and a detector with very high capacity. This, therefore, calls for research.

Before going out to hunt for gold, it is advisable to research the areas where gold is located. The information is documented and easily available on the internet and in libraries. The above are the best metal detectors for gold.

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