Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector Review 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Metal Detector is very portable, and that is why it is the best type for schools. It is very light and handy, and it comes in bright orange color, so it is easy to spot from a distance. It has lots of attractive features.

First of all, it is waterproof up to 20 feet deep. This means that it can be used to search for metal targets, even in water. It works in two modes. The first mode is the Audio/Vibrate mode.

In this mode, the detector will beep and also vibrate when it detects a target. The second mode is the vibrate-only mode. In this mode, the product will only vibrate when it detects metal. Sometimes you may want to work silently. This mode will be your best bet.

Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector | 5 Major Features:

1. It is submersible

It is completely waterproof up to 20 feet deep, so it is submersible, and you can use it to search for all kinds of metals on the beach and all other kinds of water. Even if the product drops inside water, nothing will affect its performance.

Being able to work in water does not mean you can’t use it on dry land. It also works on dry land too. This is why some users said it is very versatile.

2. Anti-loss mechanism

Another attractive feature of this device is its anti-loss mechanism. With this mechanism, you can’t possibly forget it anywhere. If its button is not pressed for up to 5 minutes, the device will assume it has been forgotten somewhere. So, the warning chirp will go off for up to 60 minutes.

If you have forgotten it indeed, you will hear the chirp and pick it up. However, if you don’t pick it after 60 minutes, it will automatically shut itself down to save your battery.

3. Manual sensitivity adjustment

This is a great feature, and only an experienced hunter will appreciate it. A gold hunter wants alerts when gold is detected, but without adjusting the device’s sensitivity, it will vibrate and ring when it detects any metal, whether it is gold or not.

This will feel like a false alarm to gold hunters. So, he has to reduce the sensitivity of the metal detector to make it detect only gold.

Coin and relic hunters do not mind coming across gold, so they may not need to adjust the machine’s sensitivity as every metal is useful to them.

4. Automatic power off

To save the battery of the device, it automatically powers itself off after one minute of inactivity. This is a great power-saving feature. However, before it goes off, it will give a one-minute warning chirp.

5. It saves your batteries

Imagine traveling a long distance to the location of your search only to discover that your metal detector has a low battery and you didn’t come with spare batteries. The situation can be annoying and frustrating. To preserve your cells, the device will begin to beep when you put it in its holster without switching it off.

Its auto-off feature powers it down after an hour of inactivity. Also, when its battery is low, its low-battery alarm will go off to alert you to replace the battery or get a spare ready.

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Why Should You Use Garrett 1140900 Pro-Pointer AT Waterproof Pinpointing Metal Detector?

1. It has an LED light

The device has its own LED light so you can use it in areas without light or with low light. You only need to switch on the light and continue to work. The availability of the LED light can make the metal detector work like a flashlight. After all, it is as handy as a flashlight.

2. It is light and portable

With a weight of 3 pounds, the device is light and portable. That is why it can be carried around easily. Since it is light, users can use it for a long period without getting tired. Only a very few metal detectors are as light as that. Its 3-pound weight is simply commendable.

3. It has a single button operation

You can do a lot of things by pressing its single button because the button works for power, stealth mode, retune, and sensitivity adjustment. Initially, new users may find this confusing, but they will understand it and appreciate its simplicity later.

4. It has a ruler by the side

You may want to measure the depth of a target. The manufacturer of this product has made it very easy because there is a ruler on one side of the device. The side is calibrated in both centimeters and inches. This is another reason this pin-pointer is your best bet.

5. Long battery life

This pin-pointer comes with three 9V alkaline batteries and these batteries generally work for about 30 hours before they start getting weak. This means that if you do just 5 hours of metal hunting per week, it will take you six weeks before you replace the batteries.

Can the sensitivity of the device be adjusted to reduce false alarms on the Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector?

Yes, you can set the sensitivity level manually.

How do I know when the battery is low on the Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector?

It has a low-battery alarm. Once the battery level is low, the alarm will go off.

How long do the Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector batteries last before getting weak?

The batteries will work for about 30 hours before they get a week.

Does it the Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector have any warranty?

Yes, it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Is the Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector waterproof?

Yes, it is waterproof up to 20 feet deep. Specifications were updated last year from 10 feet to 20.

Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector Benefits

  • The pinpointer is completely waterproof, so it is completely submersible.
  • It has a bright LED light for dark or low light areas.
  • It comes with three alkaline batteries that last for about 30 hours.
  • It works in two modes – audio/vibrate mode and vibrate-only mode.
  • Its side is calibrated in centimeters and inches for depth measurement.
  • Its single button operation makes it easy to use.
  • It offers a 60-minute warning chirp to remind users to switch it off.
  • It powers itself off after 60 minutes of inactivity.
  • The metal detector also has a low-battery alarm.
  • Its sensitivity can be adjusted.
  • It comes with 2-year warranty.

Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector Negative Things

  • Its batteries are not rechargeable so it will cost you a lot of batteries over the years.
  • It comes in only orange color, and this leaves potential buyers with no color option.
  • For now, it is not eligible for international shipping. Only the residents of the United States can enjoy it at this time.

Final Verdict

So, in the long run, users will have to spend a lot of money on battery replacement. Apart from that, it is a great product, and it is highly recommended. It is the current rating excellent on Amazon is an indication that it is a near-perfect metal detector.

The Garrett 1140900 Metal Detector is as useful as other Garrett models. The only real problem with it is that it uses only AA batteries and cannot be recharged.

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