INTEY Metal Detector Review 2024 – Buyer’s Guide

Engaging in metal detection can be a profession for some and a recreational hobby for others. In both scenarios, the experience should be exciting rather than tedious, and a significant factor influencing this is the choice of a metal detector. The Intey metal detector, crafted with expertise, prioritizes user-friendly design and convenience.

Distinguished by outstanding parameters, the Intey metal detector stands out as a premier choice among its counterparts. Emitting a distinctive sound upon detecting metals deep within the ground, it ensures accuracy and the capability to identify metals from considerable distances.

One of its notable features is its lightweight design, making it accessible to users of all kinds. The sensor incorporates three operational modes, allowing for versatile adjustments and customization to enhance detection results. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, the Intey metal detector promises an enjoyable and efficient metal-detecting experience.

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INTEY Metal Detector Review 2024 – 5 Major Feature:

1. High accuracy

When it comes to detecting metals, precision is of the essence. Sometimes it is possible to miss out on so many minerals only for someone with another detector to find them. This is so frustrating.

However, Intey metal detector is known for its very high accuracy. It detects all types of metals as long as you do not limit it in the settings. It is sensitive to metals that are as deep as 0.457m (1.5 feet). You do not have to approximate anymore.

This detector is also able to find the exact location of the metal. Furthermore, it has a light-emitting diode (LED) light that always alerts you when metal is detected; thus, you will at no time miss it.

2. Adjustable sensitivity

The sensitivity of the Intey metal detector can be adjusted. This infers that it is possible for you to ignore some metals when targeting some. It is possible for you to eliminate one of the metals so that it does not detect it. On the other hand, it is also possible to set it to detect all metals as well.

This two modes design adds on to its convenience. To add on to its sensitivity, the search coil is increased in size. The detector also has distinctive audio tones for distinct metals. It also has a plug for headphones. This is very useful when you are searching for minerals in a noisy place.

3. Adjustable stem

Working in a slightly bent position is not only tiresome but can also cause back problems. Intey metal detector takes care of your back. It has an adjustable stem with a wide range which will ensure that you are in the posture irrespective of your height.

This also makes it suitable for people of all ages. The user can easily adjust the stem to fit the size he or she wants. The stem can be adjusted even to fit elderly people or smaller kids. It is perfect for all people.

4. Auto ground feature

False signals are widespread in metal detection. Minerals and underground salty water cause them. False signals are not only disappointing but also wastes a lot of time and energy.

Intey metal detector has an auto ground control balance which ensures that every signal you get means the metals that you are looking for. It also works in all terrains.

5. Waterproof search coil and stem

Detecting metals with a metal detector that is not waterproof is limiting. However, with Intey metal detector, you do not have to worry about water anymore. It has a waterproof search coil enabling you to search for metals in shallow water.

The stem, which is around 8 inches long is also waterproof. The display panel of Intey metal detector is not waterproof and should always be kept off the water. When moving the detector, move it horizontally making sure that it’s at least 0.304m – 0.61 m on the ground.  

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Use Intey Metal Detector?

1. Three modes of operation

It is made of three modes of operation. The volume sense can be adjusted by rotating the button to the left side. The lower the sensitivity level, the smaller the range of detection. To lower the depth, you adjust by rotating to the right.

2. Effective sound

This is a metal detector with an effective sound. You can use it even in a noisy environment. This is because it’s sound system is effective and produces maximum sound to alert you. You can concentrate on and detect metals everywhere.

3. Ease of use

Intey metal detector is made with great ease of use. Assembling and using this metal detector is very easy. It is made with a discrimination knob that you can turn it easier to detect all metal objects. You will only adjust the sensitivity and start your hunt.

4. Value for money

This is a low-cost metal detector that you can enjoy using. It is beautifully designed and performs accurately. It is accurate and comes with the two search modes. By buying this product, you will get the best out of it.

5. Lightweight

In addition to its ease of use, Intey metal detector is also lightweight. It is not heavy to carry, even though smaller kids cannot carry it. The detector is not too heavy to be carried around. It only weighs 4lbs.

Does INTEY metal detector is it waterproof?

Yes, the waterproof level of the INTEY Metal detector coil is IP67 and it can be used in beaches, shallow water, streams, etc. Only the coils and rod are waterproof. Do not soak the dashboard in the water.

How deep can this INTEY metal detector detect?

It can detect up to approximately 16 inches (large items) in the ground and for smaller objects as deep as 4 to 8 inches.

Is this INTEY metal detector an adult size metal detector?

Yes, the INTEY metal detector can adjust from 85 to 114 cm.

What is the weight of the INTEY metal detector?

The INTEY metal detector weighs less than 4 pounds (3.85 pounds) or 1.7kg.

Can it detect Aluminum?

Yes, it can.

Product Benefits

  • Adjustable height
  • Produces effective sound
  • Provides a professional operation
  • Operates on high accuracy
  • The coil and stem are both waterproof
  • Ease of use
  • Ensures great value for money
  • It is a lightweight metal detector
  • The stem can be adjusted easily
  • Attractive design

The Negative Things

  • Limited warranty period.
  • Not good for kids.

Final Verdict

There are so many metal detectors with different features and prices in the market today. Thus, the decision on which metal detector to purchase is not one that can make in a hurry.

It is essential to take your time and get the best metal detector. But as seen from above, Intey metal detector is the best. It is designed for convenience and is durable. It also has a 24-months warranty.

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